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Your website should be created specifically for you and your audience’s ease, comfort, and enjoyment. It should be a place that embodies your creative or lifestyle business. An experience where every image, link, and feature is located exactly where it makes the most sense for your users.

Just like a home, every business (and every website) looks different. But what stays consistent is the need to design with people in mind.

Imagine an online space that feels like coming home

So, if you’re looking for a high-quality online experience that perfectly complements your creative direction…you’re in the right spot.

Together, we’ll balance your style with a highly-personalized design process to create a website that welcomes your clients and invites them to stay a while. 

It Should Transform Casual Visitors Into Devoted Clients. 

Your website shouldn’t simply exist.

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Development Services

Expand your website design services and free up your workload by partnering on website development. 

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Design Services

Transform your online presence with a custom or semi-custom website design that works for your business. 

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Christine V.

Celeste had great ideas for organization, layout & design. She was also very patient with me, super friendly in all of our interactions & really efficent getting the job done. I have already recommended Celeste to two friends & will continue to do so because she is nothing short of fabulous!

She not only updated it, but made it much more dynamic & user friendly

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By weaving design details with strategy, I create websites that read your client’s mind. From what they’re feeling to what they need to where they’re exploring next in your online space.

All to help you move your creative or lifestyle business in the direction you have in mind. 

This type of user-focused design is the heart of my work. 

Imagine your dream clients cruising their Instagram feed or Google search results, looking for an interior designer, hair stylist, dog trainer, or insert your lifestyle biz here.

When they click into your site, their shoulders instantly relax, and they think to themselves, ‘Wow, this business was designed just for me.’

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