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A Shopify & Showit Website Designer

Your clients choose to work with you because of how your brand makes them feel.

Now, I work closely with my clients to help them achieve their business goals and dreams. In that process, I dive deep into their audience’s emotions, desires, and hopes. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that no one is buying your product or signing up for your services because your logo is a beautiful line drawing.

Which led to me launching my own creative studio focusing on website design and development

You see, I’m kind of a people person.

Not in the ‘life-of-a-party’ way (give me a relaxed, one-on-one chat over a party any day of the week), but in a ‘care deeply about people way’.

When I worked at a digital marketing agency, I loved collaborating with other creatives on projects. But I had little direct interaction with my clients and felt like my work wasn’t making a true impact in their lives. 

Drag-and-drop, custom coding, and template restyling… I'll take care of it all

hi, i'm Celeste!

Your designer and developer for Showit and Shopify websites

For those who don’t stay up until 2:00 am reading about UX ( just me?), all user experience means is thinking about how your website visitors feel and interact with your website.

Whether you’re photographing a newly married couple’s first dance or selling smokey cedar candles that add a touch of comfort to a home…people are the heart of your business.

So let’s design a website with people in mind.

Luckily for you, that’s my thing!

The people.

User experience, CSS, search engine optimization…building a website can be overwhelming to the point that we forget the most important thing about a website.

A user-driven approach to website design for creatives who want more for their business

If you haven’t realized yet, I’m all about experiences based on your brand’s needs. This means breaking down any jargon and creating a warm online space.

A Humanized Approach

Since we’re working closely together, I’m here for all your feedback (I L-O-V-E feedback!), cheer you on, and help you prepare for your brand’s future.

Genuine Connection

There’s no uptight agency vibe here. I work directly with every single client, so you know you’re getting a personalized design experience from an expert you trust. 

A High-Touch Experience

Around Here You'll Find

Favorite Comfort Show

The only type of show I watch is a comfort show! That being said…I’m on my 5th rewatch of That 70’s Show. 

Peek Into My Spotify Playlists

You’ll find a good mix of Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny. I’m convinced if they collaborated, their fans would break the internet!

What’s In My Coffee Cup

A classic pour-over that’s gone cold since I’ll nurse a cup of coffee allllllllll morning long. 

First Coding Experience 

Tumblr wasn’t just a hub for teenage angst. It’s also where I first learned HTML and coded the best background ever.

Of Course, There’s More To Me Than Being A Website Designer & Developer

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